The Cardinals scored 10 runs in the first inning of the deciding Game 5 of the National League Division Series against the Braves at SunTrust Field on Wednesday. The Cardinals sent 14 batters to the plate and had five hits with one error and one wild pitch.

The output was the most runs in a first inning of any postseason game and tied the for the most in any inning of a postseason game.

Here is how the ugly inning unfolded:

Braves starting pitcher: Mike Foltynewicz

* Dexter Fowler: Walk

* Kolton Wong: Out on sacrifice bunt, Dexter Fowler to second

* Paul Goldschmidt: Single on ground ball to shortstop Dansby Swanson, Dexter Fowler to third

* Marcell Ozuna: Single to right field, Dexter Fowler scores, Paul Goldschmidt to second; 1-0

* Yadier Molina: Reach on error by first baseman Freddie Freeman, Paul Goldschmidt to third, Marcell Ozuna to second

* Matt Carpenter: Walk, Paul Goldschmidt scores, Marcell Ozuna to third, Yadier Molina to second; 2-0

* Tommy Edman: Double to right field, Marcell Ozuna scores, Yadier Molina scores, Matt Carpenter to third; 4-0

* Paul DeJong: Intentional walk

Braves pitching change: Max Fried

*Jack Flaherty: Walk, Matt Carpenter scores, Tommy Edman to third, Paul DeJong to second; 5-0

* Dexter Fowler: Double to left field, Tommy Edman scores, Paul DeJong scores, Jack Flaherty to third; 7-0

* Kolton Wong: Double to center field, Jack Flaherty scores, Dexter Fowler scores; 9-0

* Paul Goldschmidt: Line out to right field

* Marcell Ozuna: Strike out on wild pitch, Kolton Wong scores, Marcell Ozuna to first; 10-0

* Yadier Molina: Ground out to third