Freeman not a fan of Braves’ promotion

The Braves held a one-run lead over the A’s in the ninth inning Saturday when the bullpen doors opened. It was Craig Kimbrel time. The All-Star closer was on his way to the mound to preserve an important victory for the Braves in a tight pennant race.

However, something was different.

The familiar ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ song did not blare from the Turner Field speakers. It was replaced by a version of the theme music played by an organ. There was no Kimbrel name emblazed in flames graphically on the stadium scoreboards.

The Braves held a 100th anniversary celebration of the franchise’s 1914 World Series title over the A’s Saturday. They turned back the clock with several promotions including replica uniforms, no modern music and a vintage-look scoreboard.

Freddie Freeman noticed the changes. He was not happy – especially with Kimbrel on his way to record his 36th save in the key game.

The Braves first baseman motioned to the stadium press box area several times with his arms raised wanting to hear Kimbrel’s theme music to pump up the crowd. He shook his head in obvious dismay.

Following the game, Freeman expressed the reason for his concern.

“My issue is when, I don’t mind using the uniform, I love the throw-back uniform, but when the atmosphere is taken out of the game,” Freeman said. “Fans are coming here to have an experience and there is nothing on the Jumbotron, no music is playing. I’m looking in the stands and people’s heads are down. It kind of takes the energy out of the stadium, especially when the best closer in the game comes in and there are not flames (on the scoreboard), nothing like that. It’s kind of a weird experience, a weird game. Luckily we were able to come out on top, though.”

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