Freddie Freeman keeping his head out of trade rumors

Don’t count Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman among those routinely refreshing the MLB Trade Rumors website this time of year.

Freeman, who notably maintained dialogue with general manager Alex Anthopoulos and the team’s front office throughout a quiet offseason, is focused on on-field happenings rather than the speculation that floods baseball’s dominion in mid-to-late July.

“They’re all just rumors, people trying to get clicks most of the time,” Freeman said, laughing with a group of reporters. “It’s just people throwing stuff out there. You can never get too caught up into it. Last year, I was in it a lot with Alex, and this year it’s been different. I really haven’t been talking to him that much. We’ve got other things to worry about. We’ve got to win tonight and tomorrow.”

The Braves are discussed often in trade rumors. That’s only natural: They’re commonly deemed a piece or two away from possible pennant contention, and their farm system (asset pool) is the envy of most organizations.

As a result, many expect an aggressive bid to add an impact player to the mix before the July 31 deadline. But the trade market has yet to take shape because so many teams are within striking distance of a postseason spot. The valuable players who are obtainable will cost a bounty – a temptation to which Anthopoulos has yet to succumb in his time as Braves GM.

“Let them figure out what we need,” Freeman said. “I like our team right now, but if they feel like they need to add, then they’ll add. I try not to get caught up with who’s going where and all that. You just never know. That’s why we’re in this clubhouse, and they’re up there.”