Braves quotes after Tuesday’s loss to Dbacks


Plenty of baserunners vs Corbin, no runs

“I thought we had a great approach against him. His pitch count was up, we hit some balls right at people, they turned three double plays. It’s a shame that Teheran gets a loss, on a night when he pitched pretty well. On that chopper between him and Freeman, they were able to get (runners on) second and third and get a couple of runs that inning.”

“I thought it was a great plan of attack against (Corbin) and we hit some balls hard. That’s all you can do, really. We got people on base almost every inning. He wiggled out there in the seventh inning with some people on base. That’s the nature of our game sometime.”

Was it a miscommunication between Teheran and Freeman (on Parra double), on who was going to field the ball?

“It was. They both kind of went for it and at the end kind of gator-armed it or chicken-winged it. It was almost like a fly ball (between fielders). I don’t know if Freeman does make that play; if he’s got a play it would be Parra running at first base. I think the only play for me is if Julio catches that ball and beats Parra to the bag. That’s the only play, to the bag. Nevertheless, if we catch it it’s (runners) at first and second, and who knows what happens after that?

“It’s just a shame that Julio pitched a pretty good baseball game and gets a loss on that play there.”

Has Teheran built on his starts lately, seems to be developing steadily

“Yeah, he’s getting to be where you’re looking forward to his (turn) every fifth day. Him and Minor, you look forward to those guys going out there and giving you a great chance to win every time they go out there. We’ll give everybody an extra day with the off day Thursday, but you look forward to him going out there his next time out.”


On Teheran

“He was fine. He just had that one inning where he got in a little trouble. He left a pitch over the plate and the guy kind of fisted it out in the outfield. But other than that, I thought he threw the ball great.”

“It seems like he’s gaining more and more confidence with every start. Seems like every time he goes out there, he gives us a chance to win. When you don’t score any runs you’re not going to win many games. But for him, it was a good performance tonight. I thought he threw the ball well enough to win the game. That’s all you can ask.”

On Teheran’s progress this year

“What is this, the first loss (when he’s pitched)? And we’ve won quite a few games he’s started, so that means he’s pitched well and he’s competing and keeping us in games. It seems like every outing he’s getting a little better, and tonight he made just one little mistake and the guy fisted it out to center. But he had his change-up going tonight, he had his slider, his curveball, and actually had his sinker going pretty good tonight, too. He’s making adjustments in the middle of the game and he’s making pitches when he needs to. That’s a good sign.”

On the change-up

“There’s times where you can see he doesn’t want to get beat with it. But it ain’t going to get better unless you throw it. He threw some good ones tonight, got some swings-and-misses and a pop-up from Chavez. That’s a big pitch for him, because it looks just like his sinker. It’s just tough when you fall behind, you can’t just keep firing fastballs in there. Tonight he gave us a change-up, so that was that fourth option and it worked. Just another thing he can look forward to in his next start.”

On Arizona lefty Corbin

“It seems like he’s effectively wild. He’s kind of around the plate and then he pops you in. But he’s pitching well and you’ve got to tip your cap. We had a couple of good swings, but we just didn’t take advantage of opportunities, and it seemed like he got more and more confident as the game went on. When you’re pitching well, things go your way.”


On the play where he and Freeman both backed away at last moment to avoid collision

“It was a difficult play, that’s how I see that play. As soon as he hit the ball I was trying to get it. But I was thinking that maybe (Freeman) could get the double play, and that’s how we got confused.”

“It was so difficult. I was trying to get it, but then when I see him next to me, I was like, he might get the guy going to second base.”

On his performance

“I think that was my good stuff today. I made good pitches, I was getting ahead in the counts. Just one bad play. Difficult play.”


On the confusion between him and Teheran on the play that went for a double

“I was going to go and try to spin and throw to second for the force-out there. Then I saw Julio coming and he put his glove up, so we both pulled back at the same time. And then that’s the ballgame right there.”

Still wouldn’t have won if …

“Yeah, it’s hard to win ballgames scoring zero runs. Corbin pitched really well tonight. We hit some balls hard that got caught. We had some opportunities early in the game. Obviously I didn’t come through tonight. Just one of those games.”

More on the play

“That ball was in no-mans’s land. I mean, Julio could have tried to catch that and run and tag first base. I don’t even know if I was going to be able to get Parra at second base if I’m spinning and throwing. The ball was just perfectly placed.”