Braves quotes after Monday’s loss to the Marlins

— quotes compiled by David O’Brien and Erica Hernandez


Shae Simmons leaving some pitches up lately?

“Sometimes it’s just a little bit of a learning curve. I mean, remember what this young man did coming out of Double-A. So you feel comfortable him facing those left-handers on top of the lineup, but it may be more of (and issue with) command (of the) fastball, pitches over the plate. But you feel good when he’s out there that he’s going to give you a good solid inning, it just hasn’t happened for him the last couple of times out.

“But we had some opportunities earlier and didn’t cash in, and at the end of the night you’re facing a 1-1 game in extra innings and that kind of stuff. But we had some opportunities. (Julio) Teheran was about as good as I’ve seen him in a long time. And I guess we could say that every time he goes out, we feel like he does that. And (Craig) Kimbrel, I mean that is what he is. Bases loaded, nobody out and he punches out a couple of guys and gets out of it.

“We felt pretty good when we had first and second there with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, because usually when your team does that defensively you come back to (score) a run because it juices you up a little bit, and it didn’t happen.”

On Marlins starter Koehler

“He’s pretty good. He’s got good stuff and he made some pitches. We had some chances and he made some pitches to get out of those jams.”

On Johnson and La Stella being team’s hottest hitters lately, especially with runners on base, but not tonight

“And they had some opportunities today with runners on base, but that’s just the way it goes. I think their (Marlins’) hit there in the 10th may be the only hit in with runners in scoring positions for both teams. I think if we get a run in the bottom of the ninth then (Marlins manager Mike) Redmond is over there thinking ‘We had an opportunity at the top of the ninth with the bases loaded.’ So sometimes it’s just the way the game is.”

On Andrelton Simmons’ acrobatic defensive play at second base

“It doesn’t surprise you anymore, and he gets upset because he thinks he can turn two on that play. A couple of guys in the dugout said if he would have turned two on that play they would have taken their uniforms off and gone home because he’s in a different league. But that’s how special he is. We got a guy at shortstop that can do that. We got a guy in right field that can change the game, defensively.”

Shae Simmons maybe not sharp because of the All-Star break, perhaps take a few appearances to get it back?

“He’s already made a couple already, coming out of the All-Star break. I think this was his third…I think it’s also a young kid coming out of the bullpen in certain situations and he’s got to get used to it. From what I know of him since he’s been here, he’ll be fine.”

On the difference McGehee makes in Marlins lineup behind Stanton

“Well, you got to think about it. They’ve got a pretty good offensive team. You look up every single guy on that team, or the middle of the lineup, they’ve all got over 50 RBIs…I mean these guys, they swing the bats.”

Did you think Justin Upton had a chance to beat that grounder out that he ended up bobbling at second base?

“No I don’t think so. But that’s not the way we play the game. I’m going to mention something to him about that.”


On the homer to Saltalamacchia on first pitch

“That was a changeup right there, and that’s the pitch I want to start him with. But I think he was looking for it.”

Hard to re-focus after that?

“No, because I just concentrated on the next hitter and I struck him out. I wanted to just keep going, give my team a chance to come back.”

Fredi Gonzalez said that’s about as good as he’s seen you in a long time

“I felt like everything was working today. Just one mistake cost me one run right there. I feel that was the best start I’ve had this year.”

What was working so well, what made it best start?

“I was getting ahead in counts, every hitter. My slider and all my pitches were working, I had the confidence to throw them and you feel good when you’ve got everything working.”

Impressed by Andrelton’s play at second base?

“Always. He’s always making great plays. It’s something where you’ve just got to say wow, because you don’t know what he’s going to do every time they hit a ball to him.”


On Marlins starter Tom Koehler

“He was good tonight. He threw a lot of pitches where he wanted to, I think that’s why he was effective tonight. He’s got good stuff. There were a couple of at-bats there where I couldn’t get anything to hit, but he was still throwing strikes. So you tip your cap to him. He was good. But it also stinks as an offense because Teheran did so good, so we kind of kick ourselves and wish we could have got a couple of runs. It would have been enough for Julio.”

You guys had chances to break it open with one more hit in any of several situations

“Yeah, I had a big chance with bases loaded. Big hit right there with two outs could have pushed us ahead and Teheran would have taken care of the rest. We just didn’t take advantage of many opportunities tonight. We just couldn’t get anything going.”

“It was just one of those nights, but you’ve got to give their guys credit. Their guys in the bullpen did pretty good, Dunn came in and then the two righties. So, tip your caps to them. They came up with some big hits tonight, too. And we didn’t. That’s why they won.”

Good to see Teheran starting second half with that strong of a performance?

“I’m used to that. He’s been so good for us. That’s kind of what we expect. That’s why it stinks as an offense, because we want to score a couple of runs. We know a couple of runs with him, we’re good to go. But we couldn’t do it.”

On Braves scoring one or no runs while Teheran in game in nine of his 21 starts

“Really? That hurts to hear as an offense. But what are you gonna do? We’ve got to keep going.”

On Simmons’ play at second base, which Johnson had a good view of

“I couldn’t believe it. The funny thing is, the guy was mad that he didn’t throw the ball to first base. Like, how do you make that play and then get upset that you didn’t throw the ball to first base? That’s how good he is. It was an incredible play. Incredible. To even catch it, let alone to roll over and touch the bag.”


On if his fastball command is where he needs it to be

It hasn’t been what it was when I first got here. I don’t know what the reason is behind that. I’m still trying to figure that out.

On if his struggles are as simple as lacking command of his fastball

“A lot of the times when I’m struggling, anybody is struggling, is because of their command. Maybe it’s something in my mechanics. Maybe it’s slowing myself down and finishing my pitches.”

On where he’s missing

“I’m really not sure. My off-speed feels like it’s there all the time and maybe my fastball I’m not getting out in front with it or getting enough movement like I was.”