Looking at the playoff race in MLS East

Atlanta United Forward Jon Gallagher (26) controls the ball during the second half of a MLS game against the New York Red Bulls at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020, in Atlanta. Branden Camp/For the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta United is in 10th place in the MLS Eastern Conference with six games remaining.

The top 10 teams will advance to the playoffs.

It trails seventh place New York Red Bulls, which it lost to on Saturday 1-0, by five points. It leads 13th place Cincinnati by five points.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Doug Roberson takes a short look at the remaining schedules for the Five Stripes as well as teams from New York to Cincinnati and predicts which teams will finish in the playoff spots.

New York Red Bulls, 23 points

Points per game: 1.35

Goal difference: -1

Home record: 3-4-0

Away record: 4-4-2

Remaining games: at Toronto (L), vs. Orlando (D), at Chicago (L), vs. New England (W), at NYCFC (L), vs. Toronto (L).

Red Bulls will finish with: 27 points.


Montreal, 20 points

Points per game: 1.18

Goal difference: -7

Home record: 3-5-1

Away record: 3-4-1

Remaining games: vs. New England (W), vs. Miami (W), at NYCFC (L), vs. Nashville (D), vs. Orlando (D), at D.C. United (W)

Montreal will finish with: 30 points.


Chicago, 19 points

Points per game: 1.12

Goal difference: -4

Home record: 5-3-1

Away record: 0-5-3

Remaining games: at Minnesota (L), vs. Sporting KC (L), vs. Red Bulls (W), at Philadelphia (L), at Nashville (L), vs. NYCFC (D)

Chicago will finish with: 23 points


Atlanta United, 18 points

Points per game: 1.06

Goal difference: -3

Home record: 3-6-2

Away record: 2-3-1

Remaining games: at Miami (L), at Toronto (L), vs. D.C. United (W), at Orlando (L), vs. Cincinnati (W), at Columbus (L)

Atlanta United will finish with: 24 points


Nashville, 18 points

Points per game: 1.13

Goal difference: -4

Home record: 3-1-3

Away record: 1-5-3

Remaining games: at Houston (D), vs. Dallas (D), vs. New England (L), at Montreal (D), vs. Chicago (W), vs. Dallas (D), at Orlando (L)

Nashville will finish with: 25 points.


Miami, 17 points

Points per game: 1.0

Goal difference: -9

Home record: 3-3-1

Away record: 2-7-1

Remaining games: vs. Atlanta (W), at Montreal (L), vs. Orlando (D), at Dallas (L), at Toronto (L), at Cincinnati (W)

Miami will finish with: 24 points


Cincinnati, 13 points

Points per game: 0.76

Goal difference: -19

Home record: 1-2-4

Away record: 2-8-0

Remaining games: vs. Columbus (L), vs. D.C. United (W), vs. Minnesota (D), vs. Sporting KC (L), at Atlanta United (L), at Miami (L)

Cincinnati will finish with: 17 points


Eastern Standings (seventh through 13th)

7. Montreal (30 points)

8. Red Bulls (27)

9. Nashville (25)

10. Atlanta United (24)


11. Miami (24)

12. Chicago (23)

13. Cincinnati (17)

You’ll notice that Atlanta United and Miami are tied on points.

The first tiebreaker is the number of wins. The teams will tie (7).

The next tiebreaker is goal differential. Atlanta United will win that tie-breaker.

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