Braves tie MLB record with five players who have at least 30 homers

MIAMI — In the book of special accomplishments for the 2023 Braves, you can add another chapter.

When Ozzie Albies homered in the first inning of Saturday’s game versus the Marlins, the Braves tied an MLB record for the most players on one team with at least 30 home runs.

The 2019 Twins and the 2023 Braves are the only clubs in history to have five players reach the 30-homer mark. That Twins team featured Eddie Rosario, who entered Saturday with 21 home runs and could be the record-breaking player if he gets hot over the final two weeks of the regular season.

For the Braves, Albies, Matt Olson, Ronald Acuña Jr., Austin Riley and Marcell Ozuna all have at least 30 home runs. To put this in perspective: These five Braves entered Saturday with more combined homers between them than 17 teams had total.

“It’s a pretty cool stat,” Olson said. “I think it’s obvious when you watch us play that we have the ability to leave the yard. A lot of dangerous hitters in there, and combine that with good approach. When hitting is contagious and you’re keeping the line moving, you’re gonna see some results.”

There are 13 teams in MLB history who had four players with at least 30 home runs – including the 1998 Braves. The 2019 Astros are the most recent club on that list (excluding the 2023 Braves, who passed them Saturday).

This season’s Braves now are part of an exclusive club of two.

“It’s huge,” Michael Harris II said. “I guess it kind of tells you how our season’s going and why we have so many wins – because so many people are contributing in the lineup, and in big ways. A lot of those homers come in big moments and early in the game, so it gives us some space early and puts pressure on a lot of teams.”