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Our business is evolving. Our commitment to journalism remains unchanged

You now will see a new, single masthead everywhere we publish our journalism. You will find it across all of our products, whether digital or print. No matter where you see our name, you can be confident the journalism you are reading is rigorous, fact-based local news. In today’s media environment, it is vital to know which sources you can trust.

This new mark expresses the serious nature of our journalists’ work and draws inspiration from our deep roots in Atlanta. It modernizes the very version of the masthead that appeared on the newspaper the day it was purchased by Gov. James M. Cox, in 1939. Our company founder’s steadfast belief in the First Amendment and commitment to news as a public service integral to a functioning democracy continue to drive us today. The ways by which we now deliver and fund the news have changed dramatically. Our mission to press on for Atlanta and Georgia never will.

Audiences increasingly turn to our digital formats, including, the ePaper, smartphone apps, email newsletters and podcasts. In fact, our largest audiences rely on our digital products, and we now reserve full access to our journalism for the people who pay for it. The ongoing support of our subscribers is critical to financially sustainable local journalism.

We are honored to fulfill our public service mission, duty and responsibility for you and our community. Thank you for trusting us to press on for you.


Donna B. Hall, Publisher

“We are honored to fulfill our public service mission, duty and responsibility.”

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