How journalist Kelly Yamanouchi presses on

Ever since I was 12 years old, I’ve wanted to be a reporter. What I wanted most was to write for a newspaper to help people better understand our world and their place in it, continuing to build on our community of informed citizens.

Every day, I work to find the best way to understand what’s happening on my beat. I cover airlines and the world’s busiest airport, which connect Atlanta to the world and affect people here in myriad ways. I often find that the best stories come from being present and on the scene where things are happening, talking to people who are affected as well as those responsible for making decisions, and drawing on years of knowledge and experience in covering the beat to understand what it really means — so I can share that with you.

The most important stories are often the hardest to report — they take extensive time and persistence. Amid deep political divides, our only devotion is to the truth.

Government officials and other decision makers know they’re accountable for their moves when an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter is watching, and that makes them think harder about how the public will be affected before they act. They know we’re looking out for you.

I’ve spent the past year digging into how COVID-19 has affected people across my beat — from travelers who ended up stuck overseas when flights halted at the start of the pandemic, to people who struggled to get refunds after canceled flights, to workers who lost jobs and struggled to make ends meet.

I’ve explored other forms of journalism, but have always been drawn to newspapers because of the depth of reporting our readers are seeking. It’s so rewarding to hear from subscribers who are as interested in a story as I am, who value getting the full story and who love learning something new every day from every article in the paper.

We want to grow the diversity of our readership and help our readers be informed on the issues that matter most to people in our community.

Thank you for your support of our work to inform the public for a better democracy. We absolutely could not do it without you.

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