Small group protests near GOP convention as Trump speaks

A small protest was held outside a few blocks from the GOP convention on Saturday afternoon.

The Democratic protesters — fewer than a dozen — gathered about the same time that hundreds of Republicans were inside cheering the entrance of Donald Trump, who made his first public appearance a day after the Department of Justice unveiled a 37-count indictment against him.

“We’re protesting that Donald Trump has no business running for president,” said organizer Ilene Kent. “We’re also protesting on issues, like my body my choice. Stopping gun violence.”

Credit: David Aaro /

Credit: David Aaro /

Amid 88-degree weather, the group held signs that read, “Wake up!” and “There’s nothing grand about the GOP” as cars drove by.

“Some of our signs are very issue-oriented as well,” said Kent, who was dressed in American flag attire. “But we wanted to make sure they knew that. They don’t own the city.”

As she spoke about remaining peaceful, a man holding a Trump flag passed by and yelled, “Money to Ukraine, not America!” — a likely sarcastic remark about how our country is supporting Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Kent said she hoped President Joe Biden would get a second term.

Despite their protests and distaste for Trump, the group said the convention was great for the city. Kent said the restaurants were packed last night and would be tonight.

“I suppose anything that brings Columbus a little notoriety isn’t a bad thing,” she added.