Walker’s campaign goes to war against ‘scam’ PAC

Credit: Hyosub Shin/AJC

Credit: Hyosub Shin/AJC

A few weeks ago, Herschel Walker’s campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter targeting a newly formed political action committee it accused of “impermissibly” using the former football star’s name, image and likeness to raise cash.

This week, the Republican Senate hopeful’s campaign stepped up its criticism of the Run Herschel Run PAC by urging law enforcement authorities to investigate the organization. Walker campaign manager Scott Paradise said officials are also exploring other legal avenues to “stop them from misleading anyone else.”

“We won’t tolerate people who seek to take advantage of donors and will call out bad behavior wherever it exists, whether it’s ridiculous fundraising splits for candidates not running or scam PACs like Run Herschel Run,” said Paradise.

It’s the latest fundraising headache for Walker’s campaign, which has also called on GOP groups to halt practices that automatically funnel the bulk of donations -- sometimes 90% or higher -- to other organizations, devoting just a few pennies to Walker for every dollar given by small contributors.

“This is the last fight of 2022, and every dollar will help,” Paradise said. “The companies and consultants raising money off this need to cut it out.”

Records show the group raised about $117,000 through Oct. 19 and hadn’t spent any of those funds. Paradise and other Walker officials have instead encouraged donors to instead give to two other groups: The Senate Leadership Fund, which is affiliated with GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, and 34N22.

Jeremy Brand, a consultant for the PAC and longtime Georgia political hand, said the group was launched to jump-start a pro-Walker, data-driven turnout effort for the runoff -- though it also appealed to donors to “ensure Herschel Walker beats Warnock on Nov. 8.”

“What’s wrong with these people? Republican donors are funding a turnout operation and unhinged members of Herschel’s staff are demanding legal action?” asked Brand.

The PAC, he added, is properly registered and complies with federal laws.

“We are trying to help and clearly — based on these false and libelous statements — it’s needed.”

Insider’s note: This item was ripped from the Morning Jolt.