Key aides to Kemp, Jones launch new firm

Credit: TNS

Credit: TNS

Two key aides to Gov. Brian Kemp and incoming Lt. Gov. Burt Jones are banding together to create a new firm after their clients won election battles for statewide offices.

Cody Hall and Stephen Lawson on Tuesday launched Full Focus Communications to cater to corporate, nonprofit and political clients.

Hall is a longtime Kemp deputy who also serves as the governor’s political adviser through a newly created fundraising mechanism that can collect unlimited donations.

Lawson was a consultant for Jones’ campaign for Georgia’s No. 2 job and Tyler Harper’s successful quest for agriculture commissioner. A former aide to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Lawson also is a strategist for 34N22, a pro-Herschel Walker outside group.

The firm specializes in crisis communications, media relations and coalition building. It will not engage in lobbying.

Kemp called Hall a “trusted leader on my staff who I could always count on to give honest advice.” Jones said Lawson “played a huge role in the success of our campaign” and will continue to advise him after he’s sworn in.

The two are likely to play an increasingly important role as Kemp’s national profile rises following his victory over Stacey Abrams in November – and Harper and Jones jockey for position ahead of a tumultuous 2026 campaign.

“We don’t only bring political expertise, but we have political wins under our belt,” said Hall. “Many treat earned media as a ‘stop the bleeding’ issue. But we bring results to the table.”