Election 2020: Lucy McBath releases first campaign ad

Congresswoman Lucy McBath’s campaign is airing its first TV ad ahead of the November election, a spot titled “Mom on a Mission.” The Marietta Democrat’s team said it is spending at least $100,000 to run the ad in the Metro Atlanta area.

The spot highlights McBath’s sponsorship of a veteran services bill that was signed into law last year, as well as her efforts to pass gun control legislation and a bill that would lower the cost of prescription drugs. She also references her son, Jordan Davis, who was murdered as a teenager and whose death led McBath down the path to politics.

She will face her predecessor, Karen Handel, in the November general for the 6th Congressional District. The suburban Atlanta seat is categorized as “lean Democratic” by the Cook Political Report but is among the most competitive in the nation.

The ad script: “I named Jordan after the river in the Bible. I never expected to be in Congress - but then my son was murdered. My tragedy turned to purpose. I decided to fight for anyone desperate for common sense in Washington. I helped pass laws taking care of veterans, lowering drug costs and yes - to prevent gun violence. I am a mom on a mission. I am Lucy McBath and I approve this message. "

Watch it here:

, her work on health care, and of course - the promises she made and kept on gun violence.