Biden’s $25M ad blitz targets battleground Georgia

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign launched a $25 million ad blitz Sunday focusing on the Democrat’s economic agenda that includes a wave of new spending in Georgia and other politically competitive states.

The campaign’s strategy underscores its effort to credit the nation’s cooling inflation and job growth with Biden-backed climate change, healthcare, green energy and infrastructure laws.

The ads will run on broadcast, cable and streaming channels over 16 weeks, along with upcoming NFL games and the World Series. The ads will also be placed on Instagram and YouTube, as well as outlets owned by Black and Hispanic executives.

Biden’s aides said the ad buy is the largest overall blitz for a reelection bid at this stage in the campaign. It finances spots that will also air in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It’s timed to launch ahead of the first GOP debate on Wednesday at a time when Republicans are grappling with former President Donald Trump’s legal problems.

Fulton County prosecutors issued the fourth – and furthest reaching – indictment against Trump this week, alleging he and 18 allies engaged in a “criminal enterprise” to overthrow the 2020 election results.

“While Republicans duke it out in Milwaukee over their divisive and unpopular agenda, President Biden is amplifying his winning message and leadership as a president for all Americans,” said Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez.