Georgia voters motivated by a variety of issues

Metro Atlanta residents were motivated by a variety of issues to get out and vote Tuesday.

Michael Tzager, 62, a business owner in Gwinnett County, said the issues that matter to him most are the economy and cryptocurrency.

“I feel if we’re going to actually be better, we need to improve our money,” Tzager said outside Harbins Elementary School. “So, for me, it’s not about abortion, or anything else. I think about fix the money then you fix the world.”

He disagrees with what he describes as the Democratic Party’s effort to regulate cryptocurrency.

“[Hershell Walker]’s got problems, but if he sort of takes that power away from the Democrats that I don’t think they’ll be able to really change the underlying financial system and the direction that cryptocurrencies go,” Tzager said.

Sabrina and Rodney Williams voted at First Baptist Church of Fairburn. They were motivated by issues such as Social Security, women’s rights and having a senator who brings stability.

Credit: Cassidy Alexander

Credit: Cassidy Alexander

“Let’s put somebody in that’s careful, that cares for the people,” said Rodney Williams, 55. “Not a person that doesn’t really give a rat’s behind about us. You can’t put somebody in office like that.”

The biggest issue on Juanita Walker’s mind: gun laws.

“I have teenage boys and a teenage daughter,” she said. “That’s what I worry about every day.”

She said she’s voting for change.

Catherine Crosse, 48, said the main issue driving her vote is women’s health and medical care choices. She said the candidates’ personal characteristics also helped guide her choice.

“It’s important that we have quality leadership with integrity, with values,” she said outside of Dowell Elementary School in Cobb.