Early surveys: Economy, inflation driving Georgia voters

As early exit polls are released, one thing is crystal clear: the economy is the largest motivating factor for Georgia voters.

The Associated Press’ VoteCast interviewed nearly 3,100 Georgia voters. Some 52% said inflation was the “single most important factor” for them as they cast their ballots. Another 39% said inflation was an “important factor, but not the most important,” while 9% listed it as a minor concern or not a factor.

The news outlet also asked an interesting follow-up: which increasing costs were the most important to Georgia voters. More than half — 53% — reported groceries and food; 13% said gas or other transportation costs; 12% said housing; and 1-in-10 said health care and prescription drugs.

Voters were also asked whether they viewed President Joe Biden’s policies as helping drive inflation, or whether rising prices were due more to factors outside of the president’s control. Fifty-nine percent blamed Biden, while 40% said outside factors.

Biden’s approval ratings are still underwater in Georgia, according to the survey. Fifty-six percent of voters said they disapproved of the Democrat, while 44% approved of his performance.

Georgians were more closely divided, however, when asked if their votes were motivated by their support or opposition to Biden. Thirty-three percent said they were voting to express support for the president, while 35% said they voted to oppose him, and 31% said Biden was not a factor in their vote.

Meanwhile, 27% of voters reported that the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade was the single most important factor driving their vote, while 43% called it an important factor.