Bee Nguyen tells crowd votes are investments for the future

Bee Nguyen, the Democrats’ nominee for secretary of state, said her upbringing as a child of immigrants taught her lessons that fuel her campaign for statewide office. Her mother voted for the first time in 2016, hoping to help create a better future for her five daughters, Nguyen said.

“We have to show up for those behind us, not just so that they can survive but so they can thrive,” she said. “This election is about showing up for those who fought for the basic freedoms that are under attack today, including the freedom to vote and the freedom to choose.”

Nguyen said those in the room, a capacity crowd at Gateway Center in College Park, need to head to the polls and vote if they haven’t already.

“We have a job to do,” she said. “We must show up like we’ve never shown up before.”

In between speakers, DJ Frank Ski played hip hop and R&B tunes. He encouraged the crowd to dance and sing along.