Remembering Bob Dickey, influential Middle Georgia farmer who ran Dickey Farms for decades

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Middle Georgia community stalwart and Dickey Farms owner Robert L. “Bob” Dickey II died Wednesday afternoon. He was 94.

The farmer was known for his agriculture advocacy, love of family and community service.

Dickey Farms opened in 1936 when Bob’s family built a peach packinghouse in Musella, where it quickly became a fixture in the community. Bob started working there in first grade.

“He just loved farming peaches, he carried along our tradition out here,” said Bob’s son Robert Dickey III, now a state representative and longtime co-owner of the farm. “He loved this area and he was always optimistic and providing for people. He was a real farmer at heart.”

Bob eventually graduated from high school and attended college at the University of Georgia and Mercer University. He took over the farm in 1955 after his father died.

Dickey Farms boosted the economy in the area, provided jobs for locals and led Georgia’s peach farming industry, Robert said. Bob continued a family tradition while providing for his community and also led the way as a farming advocate nationally.

Credit: Courtesy of Dickey Farms

Credit: Courtesy of Dickey Farms

“He would go all over the country. He wanted to make sure that agriculture and farming were viable,” Robert said. “He gave people around here jobs and advocated for them everywhere he went.”

Bob was a member of the Georgia Peach Council and National Peach Council. His passion wasn’t just growing peaches, though. He was a man who cared for his community and passed that love on to his son.

“He was very civic-minded, too; he served as county commissioner for Crawford County, wanted to keep Musella and this part of the state going strong,” Robert said. “He instilled in me that community feeling. He was so proud of the community. Our family was central to it growing.”

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Bob was involved with Macon as well as Musella. He was a member of the Macon Rotary Club for more than 40 years and helped found Macon Bank and Trust.

Bob’s love for the region influenced those around him, and it led to innovations in the farming business. Dickey Farms were the first to have a machine brush that removes peach fuzz, among other advancements. The farm is still one of the biggest in Georgia today.

Bob came to work at his farm for as long as he could before he passed away. Bigger than his passion for peaches, his family or his community was his passion for life.

“Dad loved life,” Robert said. “All the people here loved him and were real proud of him.”

Credit: The Telegraph

Credit: The Telegraph


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