‘Fulfilling my passion’: Gwinnett Tech student starts her film industry career on the set of ‘Creed III’

Gabrielle Dunnings (seated) on the set of "Creed III" with the movie's star, Michael B. Jordan, and other members of the crew. (Courtesy of Gabrielle Dunnings)

Credit: Gabrielle Dunnings

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Gabrielle Dunnings (seated) on the set of "Creed III" with the movie's star, Michael B. Jordan, and other members of the crew. (Courtesy of Gabrielle Dunnings)

Credit: Gabrielle Dunnings

Credit: Gabrielle Dunnings

After spending several years in the childcare industry, Gabrielle Dunnings realized the satisfaction in her career was severely lacking.

Seeking a new venture that would provide her with excitement and reward, and one that built upon skills she already possessed, Dunnings signed up for Georgia Film Academy course work through Gwinnett Technical College.

The GFA is a unique, statewide initiative to train the next generation of film and television crews through coursework and on set experience. The program’s focus on diversity and support of underrepresented communities has resonated with leading Hollywood studios and production companies like MGM and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society, who have signed on to help the GFA set students on a path for a career in the entertainment industry.

Dunnings recently landed an internship on the set of MGM’s “Creed III” through the GFA, and along with her studies and in-class experience, she is reveling in her new role.

“I don’t want to wake up to a job I don’t find enjoyment in,” Dunnings said. “But going onto a film set, representing a film company and fulfilling my passion, that is something I have looked forward to each day.”

Dunnings had previously taken an interest in camera work as a student at Chattahoochee High School and was made aware of GFA by a counselor. After concluding the childcare was not what she envisioned for her career, she decided to take the plunge and use her interests to join the flourishing Georgia film industry.

Dunnings anticipated her time at GFA would land her internships and work on film sets, but she did not expect her first to be a major motion picture to the caliber of “Creed III.” She immediately used her classroom and hands-on experience to enhance her real-world role on set.

“My professors have so much experience on films, that was eye-opening,” she said. “That helped immensely in knowing what to expect.”

Dunnings worked with the visual effects team to make her mark on the blockbuster film. Her main role was LiDAR scanning, essentially using multiple cameras to create a 3D image that is used for CGI or other alterations.

“It was a wonderful, unique experience, and I am still grateful,” she said. “My classes provided a great knowledge base of the technical work and lingo, and it was fascinating to see everything come together on set.”

With one major film now under her belt, Dunnings is now looking for her next role behind the camera.

“I’m trying my hardest to get on the next set, and I am already in contact with a production assistant for an indie film,” she said. “I am open to everything and any opportunity out there. I can absolutely see myself thriving in the film industry. Heading down to be on the set of ‘Creed III’ was maybe the happiest moment of my life.”

As she charts a new path, she is extremely thankful she took the risk to switch careers.

“I don’t believe I could have moved forward with this career without GFA,” she said. “I’m the type of person to jump in and see how it goes, and this experience has been fantastic. I am absolutely looking forward to continuing it.”


Credit: Gwinnett Daily Post

Credit: Gwinnett Daily Post


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