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Georgia’s CRT ban threatens teachers’ free speech

Now that Gov. Kemp has signed House Bill 1084 into law, I urge teachers and school systems throughout Georgia to ignore it.

The law threatens public schools with funding cuts if they deviate from state-approved versions of history. It intends to prevent schools from sharing the truth about America’s history of racism.

The law is clearly unconstitutional since the First Amendment prohibits government (federal and, by extension, through Supreme Court rulings, state and local) from censoring free speech.

The only appropriate responses to these ham-handed far-right crusades by Kemp and his Republican lackeys in the state legislature are defiance, resistance and civil disobedience.

I will be contacting teacher organizations asking them to organize a statewide strike upon the first attempt anywhere in Georgia to enforce this dictatorial law. Yes, such a strike might be illegal, but if enough public school faculty and staff participated, there would be nothing the state could do.

Let’s face down these political bottom-feeders hell-bent on making Georgia a fascist state.


Telling the truth will get you censured in today’s GOP

While I agree with the reader’s letter, “Free speech includes the right to say dumb things” (Readers Write, April 29), lamenting over some of the excesses in political correctness that have resulted in the curtailment of free speech, I’m afraid his hopes that the GOP doesn’t adopt similar tactics are too late.

Telling the truth -- as Liz Cheney and very few other Republican leaders have done -- will get you censured and ostracized in today’s GOP. And the person most responsible for perpetuating the Big Lie is elevated to the party’s de facto leader.

Why is telling the truth a crime punishable by exclusion? Shouldn’t the liars be kicked out instead?