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Mining near Okefenokee poses long-term environmental risks

The Okefenokee Swamp faces grave danger from proposed mining activities, posing long-term risks to Georgia.

As a native Georgian, I cherish the swamp’s significance, having explored national wonders such as Ruby Falls and Mount Rainier with my family. Mining threatens groundwater, endangers species and disrupts revenue from tourism. Sacrificing these for titanium dioxide and zirconium isn’t justifiable.

We must halt mining to safeguard the gopher tortoise, preserve vegetation and clean water, and maintain the swamp’s tranquility. Preventing mining reduces the risk of forest fires, fosters the tortoise’s survival and allows all to marvel at the swamp’s blessings. Protecting Okefenokee ensures Georgia’s ecological and cultural heritage for generations to come.


Swamp already threatened by changing climate

I grew up in Gwinnett County, far from the southern border of Georgia, but my favorite topic in school was learning about the Okefenokee Swamp. This spring break, I had the chance to canvass around metro Atlanta to raise support for protecting the swamp. With changing climate conditions and the increasing prevalence of drought, this swamp is severely threatened.

The Inflation Reduction Act allows people to save money on various green technologies, from solar panels to electric vehicles -- and help to save the environment at the same time.

As an intern with Georgia Student PIRGs, I have come to understand how precious and important protecting the environment is and how student activism can make a big impact on it.


Nation headed toward same demise as ancient Rome

I intend to vote for Donald Trump to be president. I will do this regardless of the outcome of any of the legal proceedings. He has been persecuted since he announced his presidential candidacy in 2016.

There is a serious sickness in the country, especially in the liberal media and the Democratic Party. Unless the sickness is healed, the United States is going the way of the ancient Roman Empire. Rome also had open borders, hedonism, sexual deviance and paganism in its end times.


Trump hits new low by peddling Bibles

The lowest of the low roads is the one former president Donald Trump has always trod. Having flouted the Constitution, embroiled Congress to the point that it can hardly function, and made of himself a would-be tyrant, he has found a strategy to ingratiate himself with those who cannot easily discern the difference between words and deeds. Now, he will sell you a Bible. Sounds good on the surface, right? The gesture of a recovering liar and malfeasant?

Wrong. Trump’s is an act of calculated hypocrisy. That he, of all people, should try to advertise himself as a good man stinks to high heaven. Lest people be taken in by this charade, Jesus had strong words about men of Trump’s ilk. Jesus admonished the crowd in his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:15-20), “Beware false prophets” who come in “sheep’s clothing” while inwardly are “ravenous wolves.” How to tell the difference? “You will know them by their fruits.” Their actions and outcomes will give them away.


Post office sends ballot too late to vote

On March 2, DeKalb County mailed me my absentee ballot. I received my absentee ballot on March 18, six days after voting day.

This is inexcusable. This is a threat to our democracy. Election officials told me they received numerous phone calls reporting delayed ballots through the mail. I was one of those.