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Holding up nation’s progress is detriment to all

After the verdict in New York that convicted former President Donald Trump on charges of 34 felonies, eight GOP Senators wrote the White House saying they “would not work with the administration or the Democratic majority on an array of issues.”

What the heck? This was a state case with no White House authority. Both sides agreed on the jury. Evidence included sworn testimony, audiotapes and financial documents. Trump refused to testify and spent his time disparaging the judge, the witnesses and the jury. His lawyers continued to insist that none of the evidence presented was true. He and his lawyers are to blame for a backfiring defense strategy.

This GOP behavior is becoming the theater of the absurd. Trump’s minions want to hold up progress toward legislation and appointments to the detriment of our country. Remember this when it is time to vote and replace those who refuse to respect the rule of law and adhere to their sworn oaths of office.


When society loses trust in judiciary, anarchy is next

I’m a retired trial lawyer and also served as chair of the Georgia House Judiciary Committee for 14 years. I’m not a fan of former President Donald Trump, although, as a Republican, I voted for him. As a lawyer, I am concerned about the effect that this trial, which seems political, will have on the public trust, the faith and integrity of our judicial system, judges and prosecutors. In recent years, we have seen this trust deteriorate. The Trump trial and outcome will, in my opinion, substantially destroy this confidence.

Please remember that when a society loses trust in its protection of the judiciary system, anarchy is the next step. Please pray we can eventually stop this from occurring.