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Investing in global economies helps our own

The issue of global poverty seems insurmountable, but our country is one of the few that can address international issues such as this while maintaining domestic policies.

The problem is that many Americans do not believe we should emphasize foreign aid in our budget, and a common misconception behind this belief is that foreign aid does not lead to any benefits for our country. However, making investments in other countries will benefit our economy, national security and diplomatic relations.

The Borgen Project, a non-profit dedicated to fighting global poverty, explains that growing the economies of other countries allows for more global consumers of American goods, greater diplomatic relations and fewer tendencies towards extremism.

I urge Atlanta citizens to take a moment out of their day to contact their representatives in support of the international affairs budget to ensure the continuation of these benefits.


Women could decide who wins in November

Earlier this month, about 30 women in their 90s were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for their heroic work in World War II. These tough and resilient women, Rosie the Riveters, stepped up when their country needed them most, showing everyone what women were capable of when given the chance.

Today, the largest voting bloc in the United States is white women. Add in women of color, and women represent a formidable group of voters capable of instituting real change for good. Add in those men who stand beside and with us, and we are a force fully capable of bringing real freedom to all.

Women have fought tirelessly for our rights as citizens. It is my fervent hope that all women in America are taking a hard look at how they continue to be disrespected, ignored and underestimated by smug, clueless men who still think they won’t ever face consequences. Women will prove that they are completely out of touch come November. Not a promise; a fact!