Readers write



Voting rights bill should be Democrats’ top priority

Democrats! Rather than leave the pot simmering on that please-everybody-at-once legislative agenda, why not follow President Biden’s lead and concentrate for now on voting rights? It’s a worthwhile issue and an easy focal point, and it avoids the gigantic expenditure which some of you dislike. There’ll be expenditure enough anyway on federal relief for those hurt by fire, flood and COVID.


Not racist to require voter ID

In his recent Atlanta speech on voting rights, President Biden asked if we wanted to be on the side of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. or George Wallace. Let’s think about that. A clear majority of Georgians think requiring an ID to vote is simply common sense.

Dr. King, who thought we should judge people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin, would surely agree. The Abrams/Biden narrative is that many people of color can’t be expected to have an ID because they’re incapable of having a job or applying for government assistance, let alone driving a car or traveling by plane. Unless vote harvesters can submit ballots on their behalf, they would be wholly incapable of doing it alone. President Biden, George Wallace and Bull Connor would surely agree.


These freedom leaders used their voices to bring change

I have a picture/print titled the Freedom Cafe in which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X are in a diner communicating and attentively listening to each other. I would add to this picture Congressman John Lewis. Not only has each passed on in their journey, but each has also shared a valuable tenet. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized that violence does not equate with progress and is not the voice of reason. Yet, through communication, dialogue and discussion, these individuals understood that the voice of reason could bring enlightenment and change.

Dr. Martin L. King Jr. understood the internal message of a dream. Through imagination and belief in a better day, each knew that freedom, liberty, human rights, civil rights and equality would lead to peace by walking the same path. Dr. King Jr.’s advocacy for the U.S. Constitutional right of equality is our lesson each day and universally.


New train designs for MARTA an unneeded expenditure

I am writing to voice my concerns over the proposed “new train” designs that MARTA is considering. This proposal is just another example of spending monies that could upgrade service, provide services or lower the cost customers pay to ride the MARTA system. There is nothing wrong with the current look or design of the MARTA railcars -- so why spend these funds?

I would hope that our elected officials can also question these additional expenditures that do not add any value to the riding public. It’s time to take additional costs out of the system and lower the basic service cost to the public.