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Pitts clearly doesn’t understand female athletes

I concede that, as Leonard Pitts says, he doesn’t understand. Or perhaps he does but can’t pass up an opportunity to label someone a “hater” for beliefs that don’t conform with his.

In “Conservatives should leave nation’s trans children alone,” Editorial, April 25, Pitts ascribes hate to legislators concerned about young children succumbing to lifelong gender changes and to parents concerned about daughters forced to compete athletically against or share locker rooms with biological males. Given the national attention generated by three Connecticut high school female track and field athletes’ lawsuit about trans female competitors, Pitts is either woefully uninformed or lying when saying, “No one seems able to say when this has ever happened.”

Perhaps Pitts, always “a guy, a mister, a man,” doesn’t understand young biological females’ fears, disappointments, discomfort, and risks associated with forced homogenization with biological males claiming to be females. If combining all male and female athletics and locker rooms makes no sense, why does doing it on a limited and female discriminatory way?


Reader wonders why AG took months to resign

So, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr resigned as chairperson and member of the executive board of the Republican Attorney General Association, the fundraising arm of which funded robocalls advocating for the ill-fated Stop the Steal rally Jan. 6, 2021. It is unclear from public reporting if he also resigned as a member.

I have known about this outrage since at least Jan. 10, 2021. I can only assume that Carr knew before I did. What took him so long to disassociate himself from RAGA? What took him three-plus months to decide to resign his leadership position? Integrity? I think not. Political ambition? A better guess.


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