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Botanical Garden’s holiday light show is treasured memory

I want to thank the folks at the Atlanta Botanical Garden for the outstanding holiday light show. It was memorable for our family for a special reason this year. My sister has been diagnosed with a rare disorder that takes away her eyesight. It has progressed such that she now struggles to see very much at all. She visited us in Atlanta recently, and we took her to the light show. I cannot tell you how moving it was as we stopped in the Nature’s Wonders section and watched the amazing lights choreographed to music suspended from the trees. We stayed there for quite a while, and as I stood there, it really hit me as she cried and told me how much it meant to her to see the lights for the last time she’d ever be able to see them at Christmas. The lights and choreography of the music that night will be something my family will treasure. Thanks so much.


Sad to see GOP’s lack of respect for political process

Except for a brave few members of Congress, most Republicans have chosen to ignore or minimize the actions of their supporters on Jan. 6 of last year. Ironically, this lack of respect for our political process comes from the political party that supposedly supports law enforcement and the rule of law.

I would think it would be better to accept the results of a lost election and protect democracy than to upset the apple cart of democracy, supporting the false premise of a fraudulent election. But, unfortunately, former President Trump made a choice when he was narrowly elected and failed even to try to be president of all the people.

Trump’s lies have been well documented, and like a true showman, he saved the best for last. The “Big Lie” that he won the election is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most harmful lies in the history of our country. It is sad to see the law-and-order party helping spread this lie and bowing to Trump.