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Imagining the high cost of outlawed abortions

Okay, let’s assume all abortions, for any reason, are now going to be outlawed.

So now, let’s go to Plan B legislation. From the moment of conception, that male sperm donor must immediately start to pay child support until the child reaches the age of 18 or later by legal agreements. He also must pay all medical maternity expenses pre- and post-natal if no insurance is available. These expenses should also be covered for the woman.

All accounts must be kept and audited by the state. If the sperm donor is unable to pay, then the state must pay if the parents are not insured. Childcare coverage and food stamps as necessary should be provided, and applicable childcare credits as provided by law.

After all, if the woman is compelled to bear the child regardless of circumstances such as rape or incest by state laws, then it is incumbent on the state to ensure the child’s well-being at least until the age of majority.

I have never heard any of this by any legislator.


Deplorables’ can be found on both sides of political spectrum

I don’t reside on Mike Luckovich’s side of the political spectrum, but I used to view his cartoons anyway.

They could be witty and humorous. But Mr. Luckovich has gone the way of the late-night TV comedians, who used to employ enjoyable humor — even political humor — fit for any audience, regardless of the audience’s viewpoints, but now traffic in political weaponry rather than humor.

And that’s not only not funny, but it’s also sad. Something has been lost in that transition, and it seems “deplorables” are an expanding group on both sides of the political spectrum. As a result, I no longer waste time viewing either of the two daily political cartoons in the AJC.