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Republicans crossed line when advocating violence against opponents

The GOP has always had a win-at-all-costs philosophy. They have had no qualms about lying and cheating to win elections. They have fabricated outrageous, unproven lies about their opponents and falsely claimed election fraud.

But it was not until Donald Trump that they crossed the line and actually advocated violence against those who oppose them.

And the elected Republicans in Congress remain silent while alt-right thugs menace anti-Trump protesters, plan kidnappings of Democratic state officials, terrorize poll workers and chant “Hang Mike Pence”! Can you imagine what they would have done if they had actually gotten hold of the former vice president on January 6?

As Benjamin Franklin said when asked to describe the nation’s new government, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

I fear where we are headed.


Dems use ‘climate change’ as threat to those who disagree

When are so-called leaders going to wake up to the fact that oil is the current life’s blood of ours and every economy on the planet?

They have no viable plan for replacement -- windmills and solar panels will never generate enough power to run our factories, trucks, cars, or jet planes and, add to those, the thousands of critical products made from oil.

Democrat leaders are not interested in making life better for the American people. They want to use the concocted “climate change emergency” to enable the federal government to control every aspect of people’s lives.

Democrats have no policies that create wealth and, subsequently, jobs. Their only hope for total control is to use their new religion, “climate change,” to threaten, coerce and even prosecute those who disagree.