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Confidence diminishing for elected officials of both parties

Over the past couple of years, we have endured a pandemic, a contentious election, a Capitol assault and numerous hearings and legal opinions regarding the former president’s efforts to remain in power.

Additionally, we just saw a significant decrease in rights for nearly half of the populace. I’m kind of tired of the rhetoric on both sides, from the normal political discourse to the ridiculous (i.e., “Jewish” space lasers or Guam tipping over).

All of this has left me to wonder who represents me. As an independent, educated old white guy whose views are for smaller government, fewer regulations, freedom to do with my body as I would like (i.e., her body, her choice) and reining in the fringe, I don’t really have confidence in my elected representatives, neither Republican nor Democratic.

It appears that our politicians are racing to dumb down arguments and trying to reach the largest group of conspiracy-loving nonthinkers. Perhaps it is true that intelligence is finite.


Instead of bickering, let’s work together to help our planet

Climate change science is fake news. Climate change science is a godsend and will save our planet.

Which is the truth? It doesn’t matter.

We can all agree that our beautiful planet is hotter now, there are more storms that cause more damage than usual, the sea levels are rising, and there are more wildfires and heatwaves in places that did not use to have them.

It really doesn’t matter whether we call it climate change or normal planetary occurrences, they are facts, and it only makes sense that if we can do something about them, we should.

We could all stand together about this instead of bickering and complaining so that we all can have a better and more productive life. Everyone alive on Earth is part of the plan if we could just think a little smarter and be more generous to those who need it.