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From Afghanistan to inflation, Biden’s failures recounted

Joe Biden’s Democrat party has failed in every area.

Its open borders policy has led to untold hardship on the American people.

Closing down the Keystone Pipeline, a key supplier of this nation’s energy contributed to an increase in inflation that’s the highest in 40 years.

The premature withdrawal in Afghanistan has caused our allies to question if they can still depend on this country to support them.

Add to those failures the uncontrolled crime ignored and censored by Biden and much of the mainstream media.


Need leaders who stand up to threats on democracy

Not recognizing imminent danger or resorting to a “quick fix” is not the way to demonstrate leadership. Those with authority and responsibility who operate in such a manner are the problem. The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was an act of treason, and acquiescing is not the way to deal with threats to democracy.

A preponderance of citizens, including elected officials, bought into the big lie about the election being stolen. The jurisdictions that denied the claim included judges that Trump appointed. One Congressman is reported to have said that the mob was just enthusiastic “tourists.”

Just suppose the mob had been comprised of Black or brown Americans. We know that the casualty list would have been markedly different.

Since the Emancipation Proclamation, racism has survived and flourished in our country because succeeding administrations have chosen to “kick the ball down the road.” Hopefully and prayerfully, this decade will produce individuals who will take on this task. Smart voting can make it happen.


Both parties to blame for undermining democracy

The AJC-published opinion view, “A year later, U.S. democracy’s still in peril” (INSIGHTS, Jan. 6), by a former GOP staffer, unfortunately, sounds plausible. He says cowardly politicians undermine our democracy to win elections, and I totally agree. Republican congressmen can’t let go of the “big lie.” Yet many Democrats live in the shame of promoting the self-righteous far Left’s continual bashing of our history’s imperfect past, its laws, blaming police and whites for all our society’s problems and trashing sacred beliefs for their own gain.

Like many a Republican voter, I will not vote for him if Trump is a nominee, nor will I vote for a Democrat who considers it beneath themselves to respect this nation and its past openly.


Creating another Buckhead city would be disaster

Somebody needs to show Bill White a map to see we already have a Buckhead, Ga., over in Morgan County. Buckhead has grown into a fancy neighborhood today thanks to Atlanta being a beacon for commerce, the arts, and innovation. The challenges facing Atlanta right now, such as violent crime, are a concern to everybody. The pipe dream that Mr. White has been selling would be a disaster. If real estate values are any indication, the sizzling hot market in the Buckhead neighborhood is doing swell. Since Mr. White obviously thinks that he is too good for Atlanta, Georgia, perhaps he should move while the getting is good. Bon voyage!