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Legislative help needed for schools following pandemic stresses

As a parent of three kids who attend public schools, I am so thankful for the teachers, staff and bus drivers who have worked tirelessly to help our children continue learning despite the ongoing stress of a 3-year global pandemic.

My family has been lucky compared to many others. Our teachers and staff have worked despite having their own families and selves to worry about. They have set an heroic example for our children about the importance of staying calm and working through a crisis. Three school years of COVID stress have taken a toll. Our kids are anxious, and learning has been hard. I hoped that our state legislators would suggest using our tax dollars to help our children. Nope. Instead, they are dancing to the tune paid for by groups like Heritage Action that want to attack public education. These lobbying groups don’t pay taxes; we do. And we do it so that we can invest in a better future for Georgia children. I urge our legislators to stop attacking public education for political sport.


Abortion discussions never consider responsibilities of the man

Pro-life, pro-choice, six weeks, 15 weeks, 23 weeks: in all the current discussion about abortion and its “rightness,” I’ve yet to hear anything about the responsibility of the man whose sperm, together with an egg, becomes a fetus. Does he have any responsibility? Is it a one-night stand? Rape or incest? Is the woman is 12 or 13 and considered a child in most societies? We say, no matter the case, he can walk away.

Currently, the woman bears the brunt of pregnancy, wanted or unwanted. If the state doesn’t hold a man as responsible for pregnancy as a woman, how can it think it has any right to tell a woman what to do?