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Jackson should bring needed balance to Supreme Court

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a breath of fresh air. Her recent confirmation hearings showed us what a poised and unflappably strong woman she is.

The men who attacked her in the hearings cannot stand that this proud Black woman is not only stronger than they are but smarter than they are.

I would also imagine that Justice Clarence Thomas is seeing one of his worst fears happening. A Black woman that he can’t harass and is better than him. I hope Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson can enlighten Thomas as to how wrong his views of the world are.

I look forward to her tenure as a justice on the Supreme Court. May she bring some much-needed balance.


Not surprised GOP senators voted against confirmation

No surprise nearly all the GOP would vote against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson -- she is not white, is a woman and was nominated by a Democrat.

Mitch McConnell and his good ‘ole boy bigots didn’t show us anything new -- they just were forced to do it on live TV. So, how will they claim the Democrats “stole the election” of Judge Jackson?

Let’s not forget that McConnell delayed Obama’s nominee for months (until they were assured the GOP could stack the Supreme Court). There’s no surprise there; if you can’t rig it, delay it or deny it – then complain about it.

I hope every person of color and every woman remembers what the despicable GOP did, and they vote accordingly in 2022 and 2024. White supremacists, bigots, voter suppressionists, woman-haters -- we know who you’ll vote for.

Those with ethics, morals, a sense of decency and a brain, remember the day and show the GOP you are sick and tired of their double standards and the “Big Lie” machine.