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Luckovich cartoons degrade and divide

I suppose most cartoonists have a right to make fun of everybody with a different political opinion. There is an element of righteousness amongst them to degrade people who have different opinions. That’s when they make fools of themselves. Sarcasm is a fine talent for telling the truth to make people think. Cartoonists who lack this talent, like Mike Luckovich, only help to further divide the people of this great nation with their ridicules.


Early missions laid foundation for today’s private space flights

While it’s impressive that four Americans launched into space aboard a privately financed rocket, it’s not that big a deal when you think about it. Modern technology makes a big difference, and more importantly, projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and the Space shuttle (especially Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo) paved the way. I grew up during Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Slide rulers and computers the size of large buildings made the missions successful. But those computers didn’t have the power of smartphones and the plain scientific calculators of today, especially Apollo 13, when they had to bring them back to earth safely. With all the modern technology, America still hasn’t been able to create/build a rocket to put America back in space the way the Saturn V did.


Gen. Milley put U.S. enemies ahead of country

According to Leonard Pitts, “Don’t fault Milley for doing what GOP’s shills wouldn’t,” (Opinion, Sept. 19), Gen. Mark Milley can diagnose Trump’s mental condition on his own without consulting any professional.

Amazingly, Gen. Milley’s reported first thought is to notify our archenemies that he “would call you” (our adversary) ahead of time to warn of an impending attack by the U.S.

Leonard Pitts is so filled with hatred of Trump and his supporters he would put our enemies ahead of our country. Gen. Milley is not worthy of wearing an American uniform, let alone to be in charge of anything.

Leonard Pitts should be replaced with a writer who deals in facts and puts this country first.