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Progressive ideologies ruining generations of Americans

Author Robert Pawlicki and his ilk are the main reason our country is sick, “Assessing the state of our sick, violent country” (Insights, June 3).

Our country is not sick; he is. The psychologists of his ideology have ruined three generations of American children with their progressive theories and wrongheaded advice to parents. Starting with Dr. Spock and “new math” and continuing with every kid getting a trophy, the no-discipline and “time-out” approach to child-centered parenting has led to a population of self-centered, spoiled-rotten people not held responsible for their actions.

The good news is that most of us are sane, God-fearing people who dismiss his warped view of our country and believe the country’s mood will return to normal once progressive secularism is rejected and individual responsibility is again a basis for our relationships.


Don’t let life’s problems weigh you down

Recent events may cause some Americans to ask, “What do we have that’s working?”

Some may have decided not to be happy until COVID-19 is “gone,” until “their candidate” is elected, or until “their law” is passed.

Since its beginning, America has had crime, wars, disease and disagreement. Meanwhile, people live their lives, kids graduate, get jobs, fall in love, get married and have kids themselves.

I never saw my grandfather because, as a coal miner, he died of black lung disease. But his descendants have lived wonderful lives and that will continue. Look at all the babies born in Ukraine right now!

While the nature of our problems may change, and we don’t put our heads in the sand with blind optimism, there is a lot of living to do.

I suggest we Americans look at what is working — a lot of good things to be happy about!