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Kemp’s record during pandemic is nothing to brag about

Gov. Brian Kemp’s current TV ad brags about Georgia being the first state to open during the most significant COVID crisis.

However, USA FACTS points out that Georgia is 7th out of 50 states in the U.S. for COVID deaths with 37,969. In addition, Georgia ranks 4th in 7-day average COVID deaths at 23 a day, which is higher than New York at 16 per day.

These are incredibly high unfavorable numbers. They don’t sound like something to brag about to me. Is this something with which we should hold him and his judgment responsible and make this a braggable fact, as it resulted in these large numbers of dead Georgians, or should it be an apology for lousy judgment?

This ranking might not have been the case had he followed the advice of Dr. Fauci. Plus, isn’t balancing the budget a state requirement? Not braggable!


Trump’s sour grapes is bad reason to vote for Perdue

I voted for Trump in the last two elections. However, by no stretch of the imagination would I call myself a “Trumper,” but given the alternatives, I felt he was the best choice.

Due to Trump’s never-ending complaining that the election was stolen from him, his commercials urge Georgia voters to back David Perdue because of his intense hatred of Gov. Brian Kemp, feeling he didn’t do enough to help him win the Georgia election. Trump lives in Florida; I live in Georgia. I’m the one who has to live with election results. I strongly feel that Kemp has done a great job as governor. So why would I even consider voting for Perdue, who could not even beat Raphael Warnock?

If you don’t feel Kemp has done a good job, vote for Perdue. But those who plan to vote for Perdue just because of Trump’s sour grapes, you’re making a huge mistake. With his successful track record, Kemp is going to be the only one able to beat Stacey Abrams in November.