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Old-guard Dems wrong to blame Trump for their longtime failures

Joe Biden has been in government for 51 years, Chuck Schumer for 45 years, Nancy Pelosi for 33 years, Patrick Leahy for 54 years, Maxine Waters for 47 years and Dianne Feinstein for 60 years, for a combined total of 290 years in government service. Yet they are all blaming a man who has been working in government less than four years for problems they haven’t been able to solve in decades. Maybe it is way past time to replace these people with those who can get things done and not blame others.


Columnist Will misses point on ’old’ New Deal

Though George Will is my favorite conservative writer (I’m a centrist), he misses the point of the old New Deal (“A new New Deal? The old one was vastly overrated,” Opinion, Aug. 23). Judged on economic terms alone, it did not end the Great Depression. However, who knows how many more people would have been unemployed without federally supported programs like the WPA? Very few people except the rich in the 1930s doubted FDR was trying to help them. His radio “fireside chats” kept hope alive for millions, such as my parents. The country at the outbreak of World War II, when I was born, was more cohesive than it had ever been, and it fought victoriously on two fronts. It helped create the most durable world peace since the Congress of Vienna in 1815. We need the next president to emulate FDR and show by his actions and communications that the citizens of this great nation have the government at their back.


U.S. needs a team player who can help us find consensus

Thinking about Trump’s personality and the devastating number of White House posts that are currently labeled “acting secretary” of this or that, it occurred to me that Trump has never learned to be a team player. Anyone who has ever played team sports, participated in a community orchestra or band, or contributed to a book club discussion, knows how important it is to collaborate, listen to others, and adjust his or her actions to improve the performance of the whole unit. Sadly, Trump has never learned this hugely important aspect of leadership. It has been said many times that he is a narcissist who thinks he alone can fix the nation’s problems. This is the mantra of strong men around the globe. And note how societies such as Brazil, Belarus and Venezuela have deteriorated. Our nation needs a leader who knows the meaning of consensus. Reaching it takes true listening, which is hard work.


Luckovich’s anti-cop cartoon naive in a dangerous society

Regarding Mike Luckovich’s cartoon with the school kid under the desk and the line, “This feels like preparing for a cop to show up,” I realize that all political cartoonists are thick-headed racists.

So Mike, what are you going to do when the neighbor is beating up his (or your) wife, or someone is breaking into your house, or you’re in a bad traffic accident, or someone walks into your business and starts shooting it up?

Hope the local police don’t read the AJC? Oh, but that’s different because now it’s their job to show up and help you, right? But only nonviolent police (because violence is wrong) armed only with popular slogans and nerf guns, right?

And guess what: You happen to be Black also, or even Whatever. What are you going to do, when your nerf gun isn’t enough?