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Affirmative action needed to give everyone a fair start

The letter writer who wrote that we are a merit-based country does not include who it’s merit-based for. If one were to compare our lives to a 400-meter-long race, those of us white males born into wealthy families would have already made it to the finish line. If you’re a Black male or a white woman born into wealth, you would be starting 200 meters ahead of the starting line. White middle-class males would be 100 meters ahead of the starting line, and white middle-class females would start at the starting line. Everyone else would begin from 50 to 400 meters behind the starting line.

It is a rare person who can overcome those distances to catch up with the wealthy white males. To say that this country is merit-based ignores the starting line. Affirmative action is important to help right the wrongs perpetrated against minorities and the unfortunate.

It has been proven that for every dollar invested in education by the government there is a return of up to seven dollars.

Humans are our greatest resource.


Incompetent executive branch bears some blame for attack

A letter in the Nov. 9 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution warns “...about the danger posed to America by the MAGA movement.” As with all leftists, the blame for every bad thing occurring in our nation is attributable to Donald Trump and his followers.

Thus, the detestable hammer attack on Paul Pelosi is proof positive of the evil perpetuated by Trump and MAGA.

What the writer failed to consider was that the alleged attacker, David DePape, was an illegal alien (undocumented to the liberals). What if Democrats, who assured us that the border was “secure,” had actually done their jobs and stopped the flow of unlawful immigrants and deported violators?

I would contend that Mr. Pelosi’s attack was not due to a “primitive, ultra-conservative agenda” but rather to an incompetent executive branch.