Readers Write


Essential workers do need affordable housing

Regarding, “Eviction moratorium no help to residents, owners” (Insights, Sept. 22), the cost of housing in our six North Fulton cities is significantly more expensive than in Atlanta. Many workers who provide these amenities and services live in North Fulton apartments. We need affordable options, because we need the teachers, firefighters, police officers and service workers who call the area home. We also need entrepreneurs and corporations that rent homes and apartments to make a fair profit; more ways for essential workers to live close to their jobs to reduce road congestion; and housing that doesn’t take such a huge bite out of people’s incomes. Pricing essential workers out of our communities will negatively impact all of us. With increased support from individuals, businesses and Fulton County, the many nonprofit agencies in our area will continue to do all they can to help keep people in their homes. However, given the current and expected economic environment, it will be hard to do so without larger-scale federal relief.


Word-shy debate editorial got its point across well

Best editorial ever – I felt I should frame it (“What we learned from the debate,” Opinion, Oct.1)! It was spot-on regarding what could and should have been accomplished. Instead, we were left with nothing (except, in my case, a headache). I fear new standards are being set for future politics, and it’s a little scary. Your editorial says it best: Sometimes, there are just no words.


Clever editorial missed mark in opining on debate

Your recent editorial about what we learned from the first presidential debate missed the mark. Leaving a large blank space to indicate there was nothing good about the debate was clever, but ultimately damaging to your readers and the nation. It allowed Trump’s constant interruptions to drown out all the good things Biden said by omitting any mention of them from your editorial. It also contributed to the irresponsible position that both sides are terrible, when we all saw only one bully on that stage. I suggest you try again and do better.