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Fulton DA seeks spotlight, judges should refuse Trump probe

Fani Willis is requesting a special grand jury because she cannot get reasonable people to testify in a witch hunt against former President Trump. A grand jury could subpoena testimony under the threat of perjury, dragging out an already useless waste of time and money. Her purpose is as transparent as she is obtuse. She wants the political spotlight and wants to besmirch Trump’s possible run in 2024.

With an admitted 11,000 open criminal cases in Fulton County, including at least 100 capital felonies, her critics are correct to point out her misplaced priorities. We all know government agencies have a difficult time walking and chewing gum at the same time, so I urge the panel of judges to refuse her request and tell her to mind the business she was elected to supervise. I do not know if she is purposely trying to emulate Los Angeles, New York or Philadelphia, but Atlanta does not need to go down that path of prosecutorial malfeasance.


Biden’s leadership on behalf of all Americans championed

A Jan. 19 letter, “Nation’s problems grow under Biden leadership,” shows that he, and many others in America, hold a completely different value system than most of us.

We champion law-abiding leaders whose capacity for sincere empathy is integral to their character formation, motivating them to lead first and foremost on behalf of all Americans, not for themselves, the essential feature of a narcissistic personality.

President Joe Biden believes in and supports the unencumbered right to vote and all other human rights in our U.S. Constitution for all law-abiding American citizens, including diverse immigrants.

President Biden and leaders who have the intelligence to know what they don’t know accept the highly educated counsel of scientists doing their consistent best to guide us through an incredibly complicated and changing world pandemic. Innately incapable of being a dictator and trusting the American people overall to make intelligent decisions, Biden leaves pandemic healthcare decisions to each state.