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Authoritarian impulses are disturbing here in U.S.

Authoritarian impulses in our society are disturbing. I have been watching with dismay the reaction to our recent presidential election. There are those too willing to believe our elections are corrupt, despite no credible evidence being found. I understand how hard it is when your side loses. I have been on the losing side of elections many times in my life. A loss simply means a majority of your fellow citizens don’t agree with you. Rather than claiming corruption or cheating, it is better to take a step back and try to understand why people disagree with you. The supporters of our current president appear to have an almost cultish allegiance to him. They fail to accept there are more of us who are appalled by his behavior, disagree with his policies, and are anxious to see a more solid, thoughtful, truthful and empathetic leader take his place.


Trump’s intransigence is putting his legacy at risk

The late, renowned Welsh poet Dylan Thomas is best remembered for his poem, “Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night,” in which he implored his gravely ill father to fight with all his might and energy against the inevitability of death. In those ageless lines, he beseeched his dying father to resist with rage and defiance the finality of his fate. One can only wonder (knowing his disdain for reading) if President Donald J. Trump has been inspired by this poem. Many voters — voters of all political stripes — are wondering if Trump will go quietly into the figurative good night of leaving office. By pressing forward in his Don Quixote-like quest to reverse the outcome of the national election, he’s surely risking the legacy, positive or negative, of his four years in the White House. Hint to the president: The windmill always wins.


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