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Punishment of conservative speech is frightening

Jane Fonda said it best: “COVID-19 was a godsend to the Democrats.” Trump probably was the most unlikeable president in history, but because of COVID he is given no credit for the good he accomplished. For instance: he reduced unemployment, especially Black unemployment to its lowest in history; he brokered four different Middle East Peace Accords with Israel; he drastically slowed Illegal Immigration across the southern border; the economy had increased faster in his first three years than in Obama’s eight. Then the coronavirus arrived. Now the overwhelming hatred for Trump especially and partially of his supporters threatens to suffocate this country. The punishment of conservative speech is frightening. I’m reminded of someone in World War II: “I was silent when they came for the Jews because I was not a Jew. I was silent when they came for the Catholics because I was not a Catholic. I was silent when they came for the crippled because I was not a cripple. But when they came for me there was no one left to speak up.”


Buchanan’s column not what we need right now

Pat Buchanan’s recent column (”Biden’s confusing, conflicted us vs. them view of America,” Jan. 24, Opinion) sounded like a teenager’s school assignment. That he wrote out Biden’s inaugural speech and then proceeded to criticize it line by line and look for ways to make it controversial is exactly what this country does not need right now! I have many more friends that voted for Trump than Biden and yet most of them are breathing a sigh of relief and taking a deep breath with the sense of peace that has arrived without Trump’s daily tweets. COVID is still killing people all over the world every day and it feels good to have a President who acknowledges and believes in science. We don’t need the Pat Buchanans of the world nit-picking in such a petty fashion when the challenges all around us call for us to work together. And that was the point of President Biden’s inaugural speech!


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