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Taiwan, a beacon of democracy, deserves to participate in UN

The world is confronting numerous unprecedented crises: COVID-19, climate change, and the Russo-Ukrainian War. Now, China is jeopardizing the world’s well-being. As the UN meets again, we should remember that all people deserve to have their voices heard.

Taiwan is a beacon of democracy, working tirelessly with allies to combat these crises. Yet, the People’s Republic of China is conflating its “One China” principle with the UN agenda to deprive Taiwan of the right to participate. The UN’s purpose is to maintain international peace. However, Beijing is using its positions in the organization to suit its own political agenda.

When the UN discusses “joint solutions” to tackle “interconnected crises,” Taiwan could not agree more. We need all hands on deck, including the 23.5 million Taiwanese people. Let’s work together as one for the global good!


Student loan forgiveness plan ignores voters who pay their debts

I have concerns about President Biden’s college loan forgiveness plan. I believe he is doing this for political reasons and votes in the next election, ignoring voters who have paid their dues and debts.

As a retired educator, I believe higher education is important, and I encourage all to find the best path to find their personal success. I received the National Student Defense Loan from the government in 1962, which required that I teach in a public school for a number of years to pay off part of the loan. My husband worked a full-time job and attended college at night.

We are now using our retirement savings with a 529 plan to assist our grandchildren as they enter college.

I believe most of the problem is the unreasonable rising costs of a college education and the college loan companies that con unsuspecting young people and their parents, who may have limited financial intelligence, to sign promissory notes at high rates they cannot afford.