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Uvalde’s mass shooting exposes the lies of gun rights advocates

The repeated talking points around gun control are lies. Obvious lies.

“We can harden schools with greater police presence.” On May 24, Robb Elementary was crowded with cops.

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The good guys in Uvalde were initially ordered to stand down.

“This is a mental health problem.” Most people with mental illness are not violent. And is it mentally healthy to brandish military-style weapons in political ads?

“Schoolkids should be allowed to have cell phones in case they need to call 911.” The babies called.


I’m a retired fourth-grade teacher.


Biden voters are the ones who look foolish now

“Don’t you feel kind of stupid right now?” Leonard Pitts asks Trump supporters, whom he also characterizes as incapable of reason, “Won’t get fooled again? You will if you support Trump” (Atlanta Forward/Insights, June 19).

But these rubes somehow managed to vote for a president who brought low inflation, real wage gains, a soaring stock market, energy independence, reduced illegal immigration and Middle East peace treaties.

But Pitts and his fellow Biden voters “reasoned” against all that and instead gave us President Biden, a disastrous Afghanistan exit, 40-year-high inflation, falling real wages, a plunging stock market, a dangerously open southern border, energy dependence and record-high gas prices. As we await a summer of likely brownouts and blackouts caused by an electric grid that wind and solar can’t adequately support, many will be wishing for a cool breeze and some shade.

Don’t you feel kind of stupid right now?