Readers Write


Pitts is right that trans kids should be left alone

In reference to “Conservatives should leave nation’s trans children alone,” Pitts, April 25, what conservatives don’t understand is that being transgender does not happen overnight.

I was blessed with two grandsons. My first never played with any “boy” toys. He did love his mother’s shoes, purses and hats. When he was 3, he started talking about he wished he was a girl. It would take too long to explain what the family went through with this process. My son is a very manly man. The end of this story is that the child is quite a girly girl. That only happened after several years of therapy, doctor visits, school counselor visits, etc. Heart-wrenching decisions. My daughter-in-law only wanted her first born child to be happy. They acquiesced to her desire to be a girl about two years ago. She is now a very happy 10 yr old girl with girlfriends. The last statement “conservatives are responding with ignorance and meanness” is so true. I could not be more proud of my family.


Requiring an ID is not voter suppression

It would be very helpful and informative if all those falsely accusing the Republicans of “suppressing the vote” actually would read the Election Integrity Act.

President Biden was awarded “Four Pinocchio’s” by the Washington Post for all his false claims of the bill’s contents. Requiring an ID to vote is not voter suppression, and it is easy and free to get one. There is no “trampling of voting rights” (“Trampling of voting rights unacceptable,” Readers Write, April 25). By the way, it was the Republicans who were responsible for getting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, with little to no help from the Democrats.