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Krugman’s columns should stay in New York Times

It’s been more than a year since the AJC stopped publishing national columnists on its weekday opinion pages. Fortunately, Paul Krugman’s column was one of the casualties. But with the guest appearance of his “Biden’s budget actually not so big,” June 6, his progressive, infantile pablum all comes rushing back as though his banishment was just yesterday, with the same failed economic philosophy, the same Trump derangement, and the same grossly faulty thinking.

Krugman finds Biden’s budget initiative and other policies “hugely refreshing after Former Guy’s achievement-free bombast.” President Trump’s remarkable, pre-Covid economy is one Krugman couldn’t engineer even in his dreams - much less with the harsh realities his nightmarish economic policies would produce. Please, AJC, have mercy on your readers. Send Krugman back to the New York Times and keep him north of the Mason-Dixon line.


Many have a hard time facing reality of racism

In 50 years, the story “Critical race theory stirs furor in state,” News, on June 6 will be looked back on in disbelief that as late as 2021 pockets of Americans still refused to face into the reality of racism in our country. As author Isabel Wilkerson points out in her book “Caste,” we will go to any length to avoid disrupting power structures, including a refusal to acknowledge how racism has shape-shifted to wield influence today. Tying critical race theory to Marxism is the gas-lighting, work-around du jour.

People of color will continue to suffer the indignity of being seen as “less than” until white people do the hard work of confronting our own internalized and systemic racism head on. Here is one thing Donald Trump gets right: looking into the past to embrace both our strengths and weaknesses is still sadly, un-American.


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