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Leaders don’t push their selfish goals that harm others

A great cartoon in the newspaper, “From the Right” (Oct. 11), depicted American inspectors standing on a huge pipeline labeled “U.S. Energy Independence” (with a blown-apart pipe’s end behind them) discussing conjecture that “Putin may have blown up Nord Stream.” It went on to read, but “What maniac would blow up their own energy pipeline?”

Who, indeed? Perhaps, someone whose level of logic is not above that of a donkey!

People who want to be “leaders” need to use higher sensibility than to push their selfish goals without regard for consequences. Kim Jong-Un is starving much of North Korea’s population, supporting his ego through military decisions preferable only to himself. Ayatollahs in Iran abuse their countrymen (and women, especially), pursuing military conquests over developing better education and food production.

“Leaders” who say that “all people should vote” are about as logical as saying that “all people should eat - from your groceries!” Consequences of decisions by “leaders” matter. What is the “index of asinine” of a candidate?


Congress will be deciding factor in abortion rights

With the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, the makeup of Congress will be a deciding factor in determining if abortion remains a legal choice in this country.

If Republicans gain control, freedom of choice will be in jeopardy. If a man and a woman have sexual relations, either consensual or not, and pregnancy occurs, even with the use of birth control that is still legal at this time, the woman will no longer have control of her own personal or health decisions.

No matter what age (10 to 50), physical or mental well-being, religion, marital status, family size (no number of children is too many), career status, rich or poor (although if rich she can go to a country where the procedure is allowed), the woman will be forced by the government to carry the pregnancy to full term.

This will result from policies of a party claiming it is for less government interference in our lives.