Readers Write



Crowds should’ve been expected on first day of early voting

The early voting opportunity in Georgia is in place specifically to ease the time it takes to vote on the actual election date. If one does not want to wait in long lines, then one should not rush to vote on the first day of early voting. With the number of days available to vote early, pick a different day to show up.


APS not handling well its return to some in-person schooling

As a parent in the district, I can say communications from the Atlanta Public Schools have been false flags of hope. New messages from the superintendent, carried down through principals, have indicated students with the most need will be considered first for face-to-face instruction starting at the end of October. However, parents at-large are being asked to complete a survey of intention to return. APS has numerous students at risk because of pre-identified learning needs and support/connection difficulties at home, and because this format simply isn’t working for individual students. Instead of placating the loud voice of unified, organized and connected parents who are demanding a return to face-to-face schooling, even in the face of COVID-19 preparedness measures, the School Board needs to hand power to individual schools to identify students most in need of resumed face-to-face instruction. The board is stoking the fire of community unrest and uncertainty.


Columnist wrongly ridiculed Loeffler’s ambition, success

Wow, what a slap in the face to women in Georgia and around the world (“Kelly Loeffler as Attila? One Hun-dinger of a Senate race,” Metro, Oct. 11). Bill Torpy indicates the only reason Sen. Kelly Loeffler was appointed to fill Johnny Isakson’s position is “that she is rich.” Kelly grew up working on the family farm in the Midwest and worked as a waitress while in high school. She wanted to create a better life for herself. She went to a state college for undergraduate and later for graduate school. She was the first in her family to graduate from college. She then worked for 25 years in various positions in the finance and commodity business. Her experience and attitude of creating a goal and then doing the work to make it happen is a great example of women achieving whatever they would like to achieve. Torpy needs to apologize to Kelly and to other women who have worked to accomplish goals and better their lives, as well as to those who aspire to.


Student chooses virtual learning in light of ongoing COVID risks

I am a high school senior in Cobb County. Many students like me are worried about schools reopening. Students get to choose to continue virtual learning or go back to face-to-face learning in November. I chose to stay with virtual learning to not risk bringing home COVID-19, and because there will be those who do not follow safety guidelines from scientists. The CDC, WHO and scientists have emphasized their purpose is to protect individuals from infecting others. Wearing masks and the safety guidelines are the only shield we currently have to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. It will require all of us to consider how our actions affect others to genuinely slow the spread. America recently passed 217,000 COVID-19 deaths along with 8 million cases. These statistics speak for themselves about the lack of unity to ensure everyone is doing their part to not endanger those around them. I encourage people to wear masks, follow guidelines, remain vigilant, and be considerate of their surroundings.