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Senate bill would give politicians unlimited campaign funds

Re: “Kemp lays groundwork for unlimited donations,” (News, Aug. 2). After reading this headline and article, we need to ask what the Republicans and Gov. Brian Kemp have done for “we the citizens.”

There is Senate Bill 202 on election reforms, but there are cases in the federal court in Atlanta pointing to various forms of discrimination against minorities and senior citizens.

Then there is Senate Bill 221, which gives politicians (mostly Republicans) the ability to receive unlimited campaign contributions, including contributions given to them while in session in our state legislature. This feature really smacks of large donors and businesses being able to buy the legislation they want from those politicians to whom they contribute.

With nothing else to claim in the legislation of policies, programs, and services, it looks like the Republicans are only interested in winning at all costs with SB202 and getting as much money for reelections as they possibly can with SB221.


Critical Race Theory is not being taught here

I am a retired Georgia educator with post-graduate degrees. I never encountered Critical Race Theory (CRT) in my studies, nor did I teach it. I don’t know of any elementary, middle school, or Georgia high school that includes the subject. In fact, it is normally taught in a few post-graduate classes. It will not be taught in our classrooms. Most Georgia history books do not say much about slavery or the Civil Rights movement in this country and probably never will. During February (the shortest month of the year), some students will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington Carver. Which raises the question, why are so many lies being told about the teaching of CRT in our schools? It seems that it’s a political issue, put out there to rile up the masses.