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Some folks, sadly, are always seeking ‘disparities’ to exploit as others foot the bill

Regarding, “Government plans vaccine rollout, with disparity lurking” (News, Dec. 4), already there is a wringing of hands about another “disparity.” It appears to me that some folks sit back ready to pounce on anything that even smells like a disparity, even though those who are not “disadvantaged” had nothing to do with their “despair,” “inequity” or “vulnerability.” A smart choice of protecting productive citizens would be in order so they can stay productive to provide for the so-called disadvantaged. The government will not pay for the vaccine; taxpayers will pay for the vaccine, even though it will be used to help protect those who do not contribute. Those who voted for Biden are encouraging more people to become disadvantaged. They can say, “It’s better than working for a living.”


Opponents of face coverings are wrong for selfishly making frontline workers, others needlessly suffer and be put at risk

I curse you willfully ignorant people who insist on not wearing a mask or following other scientifically proven guidelines to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Your actions have needlessly put the lives of thousands of frontline medical workers in jeopardy. You’ve helped kill my friends and made many others suffer. I have friends constantly fatigued and with other chronic ailments because of COVID-19. I know health care workers exhausted and traumatized by the constant sickness and death they see. And you people who would rather flout your political identity are a huge cause of this carnage. I curse you for this. Some day, God willing, you will wake up and realize how you’ve been brainwashed by a tyrant who only cares about himself. May God forgive you for your selfish and ignorant actions.


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