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Fulton taxpayers should not have to subsidize health care

Regarding subsidizing health care in Fulton County, I predicted that the tax-and-spend Fulton County Commissioners would find a way to soak the taxpayers again! Unfortunately, if a taxpayer in Fulton County has a job, a house, property or any other means of valuation, they will be on the hook for all of the spending wishes of Fulton County.

I suggested a user’s tax for those who use the medical services but don’t pay for them because they are part of the underserved minorities. I even suggested a minimum payment when services are rendered. The users need to have skin in the game and not just another freebie.

So, now the conversation turns to a SPLOST for Fulton County. Notice that ‘LOST’ is part of SPOLST. That’s because it will never be accounted for, used for things it was never purposed for, and never ended once enacted. This will create another layer of bureaucracy in the ever-expanding Fulton County government with the subsequent waste, fraud and inefficiency.


Either arm students or regulate firearms

It’s become obvious after the recent rash of school shootings that our children are no longer safe. Fortunately, there are solutions. As a retired educator of 35 years, I know of some.

I propose first that every student enrolled in a Georgia public school be issued a bulletproof vest (approximate cost of $450 per student). Second, they are issued a gun -- a Glock handgun for elementary students, approximately $500 per student, and an AK-47 for each middle and high school student, roughly $700 each.

Time currently allotted for reading can be shifted to daily target practice as reading leads only to exposure to ideas that may cause thinking. Who wants that in schools?

The total cost for the initial startup will be an easily affordable $2.1 billion — a small price for our children’s safety.

On second thought, maybe we should just read the part of the Second Amendment about laws that “well regulate” firearms and act accordingly. It would be cheaper and less bloody.